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Abu Dhabi: Time Out | The Knowledge

Abu Dhabi: Time Out – The Knowledge

Candice Watson and our Harley Street Semi Permanent Make Up treatments were mentioned in this weeks Time Out Abu Dhabi in The Knowledge section.
The full article is out in next weeks addition so go buy it!

Dubai: Look Great for the Summer Months

Dubai: Look Great for the Summer Months
…..with Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU) by the Harley Street Specialists based in Dubai, UAE.  Call 050 942 1722 or email info@exclusivebeautyuae.com for more details.

Candice Watson our Harley Street Specialist

Look great all summer with our Semi Permanent Makeup (SPMU) service. Choose from Eyebrow Enhancement, Eyeliner, Eyelash Enhancement, Lip Liner, Full Lip Blush or Full Lip colour.
New to Dubai!  Two Tone Eyeliner!  Why have just one colour eyeliner when you can have two.   New treatment straight from Harley Street.  The hottest new SPMU treatment to hit Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Don’t risk ruining your look in the summer heat.
Insist on the best, insist on Exclusive Beauty!
All treatments performed by Harley Street trained Specialist.


Dubai: Need a Brow Treatment?

Dubai: Need a Brow Treatment?
Call 050 942 1722 or email info@exclusivebeautyuae.com for more details or visit  www.exclusivebeautyuae.com

Exclusive Beauty is the Harley Street Specialists based in Dubai.  We offer world class treatments and pride ourselves in being the market leaders for both results and standards of service.
Particular attention is made to ensuring you are impressed with your finished eyebrow look using the latest Harley Street techniques.  We offer a variety of eyebrow treatments including: Eyebrow Enhancement and our new Dynamic Brows range for those not quite ready for SPMU.
Eyebrow Enhancement is a Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU) treatment using the only class 2a medically certified machine on the market.  This machine is the best in the world and coupled with our ultra fine hair stroke needles, cause less trauma to the skin and therefore our treatments are less painful than other treatments available elsewhere.
We adhere to the strictest Health and Safety procedures the same as Harley Street, London and we expect all our Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU) procedures to last between 2 and 5 years.  Please see our full list of procedures below.

We are wholesalers for our unique Dynamic Brow pack, launch in the UAE May 2011. Dynamic Brows is a non-intrusive treatment for unruly eyebrows.  A 6 step procedure using tints and make up which lasts up to 4 weeks.  A great treatment for someone who is not sure about SPMU but needs to tame their brows.
Dynamic Brows is available at several locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, please email info@dynamicbrows.com for more details.
Full list of our Semi Permanent Make Up Treatments to Harley Street Standards:
Eyebrow Enhancement
Eyeliner – top, bottom or both!
Eyelash Enhancement
Lip Line
Full Lip Colour
Full Lip Blush
Beauty Spot Application
At several locations in Dubai including Jumeira 2, The Madinat Jumeirah and Healthcare City.
We also offer Tattoo Removals using the only treatment to actually work.  Using the same 2a class medical certified SPMU machine a removal cream is applied to the skin to draw the pigments out of the skin.
Beware of laser removals as laser  can force the pigments deeper into the skin and not remove the pigment as it should.
Our number one goal is to educate people in the region that it is possible to obtain the same treatment you would receive on Harley Street, locally in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Many of our clients have had poor treatments performed which we are forced to correct with sometimes a course of removals and or re-application using our Harley Street techniques.
We are the only medically trained SPMU specialists currently in the region offering full medical treatments including:
Scar Camouflage – Applying colours to blend scars with surrounding area of skin
MCA – Dry needling to flatten and smooth out scars
Vitiligo – Lose of pigment in skin
Scalp and Hair Loss Treatment – Tattooing hair strokes to cover bald patches
Tattoo Removals – Cosmetic and Body
As these are medical procedure they must be performed in a Medically Certified establishment. Available in the Madinat Jumeirah and Healthcare City, email info@exclusivebeautyuae.com for more details.
Insist on the best, insist on Exclusive Beauty – the Harley Street Specialists.

Brows Dubai, Dubai UAE

Brows Dubai, Dubai UAE
Get the must have brow treatment in Dubai.
Dynamic Brows the new 6 step procedure for your eyebrows.
Email info@dynamicbrows.com for more details.

Dynamic brows is brought to you by Exclusive Beauty UAE, the market leaders in Semi Permanent Make Up and Brow Treatments all performed by our Harley Street trained specialist.

Dubai: Dynamic Brows Eyebrow Treatment

Dubai: Dynamic Brows | Eyebrow Treatment
Get the must have eyebrow treatment this Summer.  Call 04 349 2800 or email info@exclusivebeautyuae.com to make an appointment.
Dynamic Brows in a non-intrusive treatment for your eyebrows.  Taking just a little over 30 minutes, our unique 6 step procedure turns even the most unruly brow into perfectly sculptured dynamic looking eyebrows.

We are also distributors of Dynamic Brows.  If you are a salon or spa and would like our Dynamic Brows pack please email info@exclusivebeautyuae.com for more information and our current offers.

Dubai: Wow Brows | Semi Permanent Make Up

WOW Brows
Brows are the Beauty Industry’s new obsession!

Call 04 349 2800 for appointments or email info@exclusivebeautyuae.com for more details.
We have moved on from nails and lips to the most transformative feature of all – Brows!
According to those in ‘the know’…thin is no longer in… However, definition is as important as ever.
Thicker Brows are the hottest look at the moment, from the runway to the red carpet – thick brows make your face appear more youthful as they create a softened, couture’d look!
A softly groomed, thicker brow is like having a facelift in an instant! The results can be astonishing!
Get your fantastic ‘WOW Brows’ tattooed by Candice Watson of Exclusive Beauty…
…What a difference a brow makeover makes!

Not ready for Semi Permanent Make Up?  Try our Dynamic Brows ttreatment at several locations in Dubai.  Call 04 349 2800 for appointments or email info@dynamicbrows.com for more details.

Dubai: The National – Semi Permanent Make Up Dubai UAE

Dubai: The National – Semi Permanent Make Up Dubai UAE
For Semi Permanent Make Up appointments please contact 04 349 2800 or email info@exclusivebeautyuae.com


Dubai: Permanent Make Up Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Dubai: Permanent Make Up | Dubai | Abu Dhabi
Exclusive Beauty UAE – The Harley Street Specialists in Semi Permanent Make Up now based in the UAE.  Call 04 3492800 for more details.
Back to school Exclusive!
Exclusive Beauty’s Semi Permanent Make Up Specialist, Candice Watson continues to broaden her Professional Development.
With over 20 years experience on the Harley Street, London, Candice knows the importance of refresher training and keeping up to date with the latest trends and developments in Semi Permanent Make Up and Medical Micropigmentation to ensure her clients get the best treatment possible.
Candice is currently attending the Biennial Cosmetic & Medical Tattooing Seminar in London, UK.
Here are a few of the lectures that Candice is attending:

Tattoo Removal – Updated Techniques
Tattoo removal on the face is often avoided because it is deemed too risky. Learn to use a saline and micro needling technique which is safe, effective and offers a solution where no other exists. You are able to achieve good results on very small areas.

One Pass Lips

A new technique which will ensure your liplines will be clear and visible. There will be no loss of stencil, colour will be even and you will be able to create perfect lip liner every time.

Working with Older Clients

Often the clients who would benefit the most from Eyebrow, Eyeliner and Lip treatments present the most challenging canvases to work on. Discover a technique which helps you to create crisp, precise, ‘no leeching’ effects on aged and wrinkled skin.

Hairloss and Alopecia

Understand what causes hairloss and how to create a realistic treatment plan which will not affect any future hair growth. Learn how to adapt your basic techniques to create wonderful eyebrows, eyeliner, hairline, scalp camouflage, infilling patches of hairloss. These techniques can be used on both men and women.
Safe Pigments

The importance of safe, regulated pigments.
MicropigMENtation –Male Procedures

More men are coming forward for treatments. The artistry used with male clients differ across a range of procedures. Procedures for male brow, guyliner, scalp and areolas.

Peel, Heal and Micro Needling for Wrinkles
You can use needling techniques to improve the appearance of wrinkles. RegimA’s Peel & Heal product is made from Natural Fruit Acids and is able to be used on all skin types and all year round. We have formulated a menu of treatments including a 6 session Skin Rejuvenation programme that you can offer to your clients.

Creating Double Colour Eyeliner

Learn how to blend the right colours and create a more defined, beautifully shaded eye. Avoid creating ‘stripes of eyeliner’ along with techniques to apply thicker eyeliner and avoid migration of pigment.

Improving Areola Tattooing Techniques
A careful guide to techniques used for marking, placement, correction and implantation.
Burn and Scars – Successful Techniques
Burns survivors skin can be tricky to work with and often the pigment heals with intense colour or will not hold in the skin. The effects of good implantation and technique can be life changing.

Wow Brows
Brows are the mainstay of most technicians business. Create
brows like Nigella or a Kardashian using placement, shape and colour.
Old school block brows may be back but the techniques are new school. Make sure your clients brows are Wow and Now!
Candice will be back in Dubai on the 23rd June, for appointments please call 04 3492800 or email infor@exclusivebeautyuae.com