Dubai: Need a Brow Treatment?

Dubai: Need a Brow Treatment?

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Dubai: Need a Brow Treatment? Exclusive Beauty is a Harley Street Specialist based in Dubai offering world-class treatments and results.

Exclusive Beauty is a Harley Street Specialist based in Dubai offering world-class treatments and pride ourselves on being the market leader in results and service standards.

Pay particular attention

We pay particular attention to ensuring you are impressed with your finished eyebrow look using the latest Harley Street techniques.  We offer a variety of eyebrow treatments, including Eyebrow Enhancement and our new Dynamic Brows range for those not quite ready for SPMU.

Eyebrow Enhancement is a semi-permanent Make (SPMU) treatment using the only class 2a medically certified machine on the market.  This machine is the best in the world and, coupled with our ultra-fine hair stroke needles, causes less trauma to the skin therefore, our treatments are less painful than other treatments available elsewhere.

We adhere to Harley Street, London’s strictest Health and Safety procedures and expect all our permanent makeup (SPMU) procedures to last between 2 and 5 years.  Please see our full list of procedures below.

Dynamic Brows

We are wholesalers of our unique Dynamic Brow pack, launched in the UAE in May 2011. Dynamic Brows is a nonintrusive treatment for unruly eyebrows. It is a 6-step procedure using tints and makeup that lasts up to 4 weeks. It is a great treatment for someone who is not sure about SPMU but needs to tame their brows.

Dynamic Brows is available at several locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, please email for more details.

Full list of our Semi Permanent Make Up Treatments to Harley Street Standards:

Eyebrow Enhancement
Eyeliner – top, bottom or both!
Eyelash Enhancement
Lip Line
Full Lip Colour
Full Lip Blush
Beauty Spot Application

At several locations in Dubai, including Jumeira 2, The Madinat Jumeirah and Healthcare City.

Tattoo Removal

We also offer Tattoo Removals using the only treatment that actually works. Using the same 2a class medically certified SPMU machine, a removal cream is applied to the skin to draw the pigments out.

Beware of laser removals as laser can force the pigments deeper into the skin and not remove the pigment as it should.

Our goal is to educate people in the region that obtaining the same treatment you would receive on Harley Street, locally in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, is possible. Many of our clients have had poor treatments performed, which we are forced to correct, sometimes with removal and/or re-application using our Harley Street techniques.

We are the only medically trained SPMU specialists currently in the region offering full medical treatments, including:

Scar Camouflage – Applying colours to blend scars with the surrounding area of the skin
MCA – Dry needling to flatten and smooth out scars
Vitiligo – Loss of pigment in the skin
Scalp and Hair Loss Treatment – Tattooing hair strokes to cover bald patches
Tattoo Removals – Cosmetic and Body

As these are medical procedures, they must be performed in a Medically Certified establishment. They are available in the Madinat Jumeirah and Healthcare City. Email for more details.

Insist on the best, insist on Exclusive Beauty – the Harley Street Specialists.

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