Semi Permanent Lips

Enhance and Perfect

Treatments last up to 3 years

Our aim is for you to look your best

Semi Permanent Lip treatments are perhaps the most underestimated of all our procedures. It’s a sad fact that as you get older the border of your lips become less defined and your natural lip colour lightens.

A semi permanent lip line and semi permanent lip colour or blush not only gives you a subtle hint of colour into the lip but also re-defines the border of the lip, giving your lips a fuller more youthful shape. You can choose a subtle colour or a darker shade.

Our expert semi permanent lip specialist will advise you about the best colour and the do’s and don’ts to ensure natural realistic results. Our aim is for you to look the best you can so we endeavour to provide the best look possible.

We can also subtly enhance your lip colour and help to correct the shape of uneven lips. If you prefer a different colour for an evening event or special occasion you can simply add your favourite lipstick on top of a semi permanent makeup treatment. If you suffer from cold sores we advise you take a course of antivirals prior to any

Important: If you suffer from cold sores we advise you take a course of antivirals prior to any lip treatment. An outbreak can severely affect how pigment implants into the lips so it is vital to take antivirals to ensure the best results. Please contact us for further details.

Available procedures

by Candice Watson

Lip Line

Create a defined lip line

Create a defined line to the outer line of the lip or give the illusion of larger lips by subtly creating a new lip line.

As with all our semi permanent makeup techniques, the tattooed line lasts for up to 3 years and is smudge free.

Full Lip Colour

From vivid red to subtle pink

Full lip colour mimics lipstick but without the hassle of applying lipstick as part of a morning ritual or reapplying after meal times.

A variety of stock colour pigments are available and if a unique look is required we can mix to your exact requirements.

Whatever the look we always use industry leading pigment and the best machine and equipment available to ensure the very best results.

Lip Blush

For a more natural look

Our lip blush semi permanent makeup treatment is ideal if a more subtle colour is required.

The process is the same as a full lip colour procedure, however, more subtle pigments are applied using a dusting needle.

This gives more of a wash of colour with a natural brush of colour.


From October 2016 Semi Permanent Makeup and Medical Micropigmentation appointments should be made through and their contact page HERE.