Dubai: 10 Beauty Tips for the Summer

10 Ways to Start Getting Ready for the Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and it is time to get that body ready for your wedding day and that perfectly planned honeymoon.  Here are our top 10 must-dos.
1.  Book yourself the essential hammam to slough away all the winter deadskin and wax those hairs with Lycon – the infamous painless wax.  Try Sisters Beauty Lounge in Dubai Mall or Abu Dhabi.

2.  Get semi-permanent make-up with Candice Watson – your eyebrows and eyeliner will be perfect even after you get out of the pool.   Make up is still perfect for the hot, humid summer! 04-375 2393
3.  Start doing pilates classes as there is just 3 months until we break up for the summer holidays.  Imagine beautiful tanned toned arms and stomach.  Sign up to the Hundred Pilates Studio in Dubai Healthcare City today.
4.  Try Shiffa’s new White Tea moisturizer as part of your daily routine.  It makes you feel refreshed and detoxed with its all-organic ingredients, without moving a muscle.
5.  Get your teeth whitened, and we recommend Denise Yunson in Dubai Healthcare City at the Clinic for Cosmetic Dentistry. 04-429 8400.
6.  Make sure you eat a good meal before going to the supermarket for the weekly shop – if you are full you actually buy less and more sensibly.
7.  Get that botox appointment now – Dr Maurizio Viel is one of the leading surgeons in the world.  It does make a difference who injects it!  It has been tried and tested by the Whiteme team. 04-375 2393.
8.  Look out at the new Dolly & Mila skincare range from NYC – check out their new Blossom Honey and Organic Coffee exfoliant for the face.  Check out
9.  Book yourself a personal trainer today.  Element Fitness offers serious bootcamps in the UAE and abroad to get in shape for your wedding day.  Guaranteed to help you meet your goals with their tough regime.  Quote Whiteme to get a free consultation.
10.  For those of us chained to our desks all winter, we probably feel the aches and pains of hunching over the computer.  Get your back checked out by Dr Charles Jones at the California Chiropractor Centre.  We spotted some amazing celebrity sports personalities being treated there. 04-4298292.

Eyebrows Dubai: Dynamic Brows by Exclusive Beauty, Dubai UAE

Dubai: Everyone needs….Dynamic Brows by Exclusive Beauty, Dubai UAE
Join the fastest growing trend to hit the UAE.

Dynamic Brows is a technique to transform even the most difficult eyebrows into perfectly sculptured dynamic looking brows. With our technique, using a set process of applying shape and colour, you can produce Dynamic Brows in little over 30 minutes.  All necessary equipment is supplied to you by Exclusive Beauty UAE and packaged in our very own Dynamic Brow pack.  With every purchase we offer full training and we are always available within Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the region should you require further training or assistance.
Dynamic Brows…..producing perfectly sculptured eye brows in a few easy steps.
Please contact for more details.

Dubai: Semi Permanent Make Up Treatments in Dubai, UAE

At Exclusive Beauty we only use and deliver the best, whether through our Semi Permanent Make-Up (SPMU) treatments or when supplying and distributing our high end beauty machines.
Our Semi Permanent Make-Up services are to the same standard as one would receive on Harley Street, London and our finished look is as natural as one can achieve with SPMU.  We are also the only UAE provider working to Harley Street Health and Safety guidelines and guarantee a great result every time.
All our treatments are performed by Candice Watson, founder of Exclusive Beauty, who has over 22 years experience in the beauty industry, the last 15 of which specialising in Semi Permanent Makeup and Beauty Training.   Prior to moving to Dubai, Candice worked extensively at several locations on Harley Street, London performing SPMU treatments to the highest level.
Sales & Distribution
We supply the very best Beauty Machines including the only approved Semi Permanent Makeup machine in Dubai.  Also a must have – The Genie Complete with it’s unique 10 minute face lifting programme.
Our sales and distribution department is finally honed to provide exactly what our customers require ensuring a prompt, professional service.
Medical Micropigmentation
We are fully trained at Medical Micropigmentation and offer a complete range of services to hospitals and plastic surgeries.
Beauty Training
We are fully qualified to train in most beauty treatments and all training is in-house for any machine bought through Exclusive Beauty.
Tattoo Removal
Our tattoo removal process is one of the best on the market and a must have if you have any unwanted tattoos or to remove or correct badly performed SPMU treatments.
We operate from several locations in Dubai including
+  Jumeirah
+  Healthcare City
+  Deira
+  Al Barsha
+  Dubai Marina
Visit for more details.