Dubai: Permanent Make Up Dubai

Dubai: Permanent Make Up Dubai
Permanent Make Up Dubai
Permanent make up in Dubai should never be permanent.  The correct term is semi permanent make up and uses semi permanent pigments which are implanted into the upper dermal layer of the skin.  Over the following 2 or 3 years after the application these pigments are naturally expelled from the skin hence semi permanent.
All semi permanent make up treatments should consist of two treatments – one treatment at your consultation and a top up usually 3 – 4 weeks later.
As the pigments are expelled from the skin the colour will naturally fade however should never change colour.  Changing colour usually means permanent pigments were used for your treatment which are usually associated with body tattoos.  We have all heard the horror stories of semi permanent make up procedures going wrong and this is the main reason.
Candice Watson_Dubai Semi Permanent Make Up Dubai UAECandice Watson of Exclusive Beauty worked and trained on Harley Street, London and is exceptional at semi permanent make up treatments.  Candice is also one of the few specialists in the UAE who is qualified to perform medical micropigmentation treatments so you can rest assured her treatments are some of the best in the region.
All treatments are performed in the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgury (LCAS) and meet all current Dubai Municipality guidelines.
For more information and costs for our range of semi permanent make up treatments please email
To make an appointment please call LCAS on 04 375 2393.

Natural looking permanent make up

Natural looking permanent make up
Natural looking permanent make up
Permanent Make Up is the process of implanting pigments into the upper dermal layer of the skin and is usually applied to the eyes, as Eyeliner, Eyelash Enhancement and Eyebrow Enhancement, and the lips as Lip Blush, Full Lip Colour and Lip Line.
All treatments meet Dubai regulations for health and hygiene and are available at LCAS (London Centre Aesthetic Surgery) located just behind Wafi in Healthcare City.
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For appointments please call 04 375 2393 or email to receive our information pack.

Dubai: Permanent Make Up or Permanent Cosmetics

Dubai: Permanent Make Up or Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Make Up or Permanent Cosmetics is available through Exclusive Beauty to the highest standards currently on the market.  Candice Watson of Harley Street, London performs all our permanent make up treatments.  Candice is highly trained and is the founding partner of Exclusive Beauty based in Dubai, UAE.  Candice only uses the best permanent make up machine with industry leading results.
To book your permanent make up appointment please call Whimper on  04 375 2393 or email for further details.

We also have dedicated permanent make up sites, please see:
Please note: Permanent Make Up and Semi Permanent Make Up, if done correctly, is the same treatment.  Problems arise from poorly trained “specialists” using inferior pigments which are usually used with body tattoos and are called “permanent” pigments.  These pigments will always turn blue or green over time and remain visible in the skin forever – these pigments should not be used for permanent make up treatments.
The horror stories of permanent make up and semi permanent make up are nearly always when these permanent pigments are used coupled with poor skills and inferior, cheap machines and equipment.  Always do your homework and research your chosen permanent make up specialist thoroughly.
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Dubai: Permanent Make Up, Dubai UAE

Dubai: Permanent Make Up, Dubai UAE
Candice Watson of Harley Street London performs our Permanent Make Up treatments to the highest level in the UAE.   We pride ourselves in delivering the best and have an ever increasing number of satisfied clients.  As we only use the best machine and equipment coupled with the highest level of skill from Candice Watson, our treatments are compared to eyebrow plucking and threading as there is very little trauma to the skin.
All our treatments are performed in Dubai and due to new Dubai Municipality regulations banning Permanent Make Up treatments in Salons and Spas as of the 1st September 2011, we now perform our treatments from the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery (LCAS) in Healthcare City, Dubai just behind Wafi.
If you would like to speak to Candice please call 04 349 2800 and leave your contact details and a short message and Candice will return your call once her appointments are finished.
For appointments please call Whimper at the London Centre of Aesthetic Surgery (LCAS) on 04 375 2393.
For all other enquiries please email
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Dubai: Semi Permanent Make Up – Lip Line and Lip Colour

Dubai: Semi Permanent Make Up – Lip Line and Lip Colour

Lip Liner, Lip Blend and Lip Colour Treatments

Semi permanent Lip treatments are perhaps the most under estimated of all the semi permanent make up treatments however very popular in the Middle East region.
It’s a sad fact that as you get older the border of your lip becomes less defined and your natural lip colour lightens. Smokers also suffer from lip pigment problems and often get a much darker pigment colour on the lip.
A semi permanent make up lip liner and semi permanent make up lip blend or lip colour not only gives you a subtle hint of colour into the lip but also re-defines the border of the lip, giving your lips a fuller shape.  You can choose a subtle colour or a darker colour or a more vibrant shade, all colours are mixed to suit each client.  Candice Watson, our Harley Street specialist will advise you about the colour suitable for your skin tone giving realistic results to the standards expected from a Harley Street professional.  All colours are mixed to the individual’s skin tonne and to each client’s requirements.
One important thing that most people do not realise is you can apply your usual make up over any of our semi permanent make up treatments including all our lip treatments.  Some would ask, why bother with semi permanent make up then?  Well sometimes you may like a different colour for evening event or a special occasion.  If so simply apply your favourite lipstick as you would normally with no risk to your semi permanent make up lip colour underneath.  The benefit of having a semi permanent lip line or lip colour is to give you the choice to not apply lipstick constantly throughout the day.
To find out more about our semi permanent make up lip liner and lip colour or any of our semi permanent make up treatments please contact
For appointments please contact the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery (LCAS) on 04 375 2393 and speak to Whimper.
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Important:  For our semi permanent lip treatments – If you suffer from cold sores we advise you take a course of anti virals prior to the lip treatment commencing.

Dubai: Semi Permanent Make Up – Eye Line Treatment

Dubai: Semi Permanent Make Up – Eye Line Treatment 

Eyeliner Treatment
Semi Permanent Eyeliner does not smudge, wash off or let you down at those pressured, sporty or emotional moments.
Many of us would like a subtle enhancement to our eyes.   Whether you would like a full make up heavier effect or a soft natural line to enhance your eye colour, this treatment offers you the full spectrum of choice.
By applying a fine line through either the top, bottom or both sets of lashes we will give your eye greater definition and a subtle improvement to the look of your eyes.  You can choose the colour and if you prefer a heavier make up look for evenings and occasions you can still apply your party look eyeliner over the top.
A heavier, thicker line enhances the eye colour and shape to give you a strong eyeliner effect around the eyes.  A Stronger eyeliner requires more treatments to achieve the desired look.  We would recommend a minimum of 3/4 treatments compared to the usual 2 treatments for our standard eyeliner treatment.
Latino Eyeliner
This technique give a thick bold Latino look, similar to that of Sophia Loren, this is great for those with large eyes and wanting a very sexy look.  A thick eye line is applied to the upper lid and is either a standalone treatment or can be emphasised by having an amount of the lower lid tattooed too.
Latino technique takes several sessions to achieve.
New Eyeliner treatment – Two Tone Eyeliner

Two Tone Eyeliner consists of a double line eye line of two different but complementary colours.
Our latest must have semi permanent make up eye treatment which involves having a dark (usually black) line put in just over the lash and then a different colour just above (blue, green, violet etc) for that really striking look! The concept is to emphasise the eyelid line in the usual way with a dark colour whilst adding a touch of colour for that extra special look.  The colours used are always complementary to your features and still allow you to go on with your day to day stuff without feeling you are too made up.
This look will take 4/5 treatments to complete.
For more information on all our semi permanent make up treatments please email Candice on
For appointments please call LCAS on 04 375 2393 and speak to Whimper.
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Dubai: Semi Permanent Make Up – Eyebrow Treatments

Dubai: Semi Permanent Make Up – Eyebrow Treatments

Fabulous eyebrows can add instant lift, shape and contour to your face.   There are a range of effects available which offer subtle, realistic solutions, these include:-

  • choosing pigment colours to replicate individual hairs along the brow, a great solution for sparse, overplucked or missing brows
  • defining a brow shape with colour to create a stronger, thicker effect
  • lifting the brow using placement, shape and colour to give a refreshed appearance to the face.

As well as offering a make- up solution which does not wash away, smudge or disappear, our treatments are perfect for people who find applying make- up challenging.
There are 3 different types of brow techniques available:

  • Natural – individual hair strokes

This technique uses our super fine needles the width of an individual hair.  The eyebrow shape is built up in layers of hair strokes to look as natural as possible. This is the most natural eyebrow treatment and is a must have semi permanent make up treatment for anyone who would like perfect eyebrows with a natural look. A very popular technique.

  • Block – heavy filled in brows

A very popular look with ladies from the Middle East.  This block eyebrow technique consists of tattooing the outline and then shading in the entire area using a circular motion.  More than any other eyebrow technique it is essential you are happy with the shape and look as the total block is very difficult to change once tattooed.  We will always draw on the shape first to a shape which matches your face and features.
Hair strokes can be added on top of the block to give a more natural 3D look.

  • Dusting – a flush of colour through the brow to give the effect of a brow powder.

Using our broad dusting needle and technique an almost smudge of colour is applied to the eyebrow to give a very natural look.  This technique gives a similar look to an eye shadow to give a soft shading effect.
All semi permanent make up eyebrow treatments are performed by Candice Watson, the Harley Street specialist based in Dubai.
To speak to Candice please call 04 349 2800 and leave a short message and Candice will call you back or for appointments please call LCAS on 04 375 2393 and speak to Whimper.
More information is available by emailing
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Dubai: Permanent Make-up in Dubai

14th March 2012

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Permanent make-up in Dubai

The facts and risks of new micropigmentation trend


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Dubai is a city with a workaholic population and – it is more than fair to say – a penchant for self improvement. It’s little wonder then that women are reaching beyond their make-up bags for lasting beauty solutions, with many believing the answer lies in clinics offering permanent or semi-permanent make-up.
So how does it work? According to Harley Street-trained specialist Candice Watson, it’s important to note that they are one and the same: most governments require that the procedure be referred to as permanent. Look at the colour fades over a period of two to three years: the pigment remains under the dermal layer of the skin (visible only using a microscope).

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Based in Dubai for the last three years, Watson sees clients in the LCAS cosmetic surgery clinic in Dubai Healthcare City, and is also the specialist for cosmetic tattoos at the Burj Al Arab. ‘In layman’s terms, it’s a tattooing process, but the difference is that we don’t use indelible inks, which are blue-based inks, and it doesn’t go deeply into the skin, hence why it’s called micropigmentation. It goes just underneath the dermal layer, and the pigments then fade over time, and don’t leave that horrible bluey mark you see around a lot in Dubai,’ she explains.
Though it has recently become illegal for the procedure to be performed in salons and spas across Dubai, it is still legal in cosmetic surgery clinics. Watson explains that people should be vigilant when choosing a clinic, as there are places where you can wind up paying over the odds for an unfinished job, or even worse, a botched one. If done correctly, Watson explains micropigmentation should ‘enhance what you’ve got, rather than be a complete replacement for make-up.’ The average price you will pay for a treatment is Dhs3,000 (though the smallest and cheapest treatment Watson herself does is a beauty spot, which comes in at Dhs1,000). Following a top up three to four weeks later, you can expect the results to last two to three years. ‘With the eyebrows you put hair strokes in so they look natural instead of a block colour,’ says Watson. ‘With lips the most popular are natural and blush colours, and with eyeliner you enhance the eyes by putting colour through the lash area to make the lashes look thicker.’ Of course, it doesn’t always go to plan, and this is where her warnings come in. ‘I’ve had people come to me with lip liner that’s virtually up their nose, they’ve gone way over the lip line and it looks really bad, I’ve had people come in with blue eyebrows that are sticking up Mr Spock-style, and I’ve had a lady who originally wanted camouflage on her nose, and she ended up with bright green spots all over it, which we’ve had to take out gradually.’ Clearly, the most common risk with an unskilled technician or someone using old pigments or equipment is coming out with a very bad look, and one that you will unfortunately be stuck with unless you can afford to pay the extra to do get it removed.
Though Watson has helped numerous clients put a bad job right, she reveals the most popular treatment among her clients in Dubai is done on the lips. ‘Eyebrows are always popular because as you get older you start to lose them, but here it’s full lip colour. A lot of local and Indian ladies have quite a dark pigment in their lips and they come to me to make them a pinker colour.’ While new trends such as double-coloured eyeliner – where a black is applied initially and then a colour such as green, blue or purple is applied above – are growing in popularity among Watson’s former Harley Street neighbours, in the Middle East there is a growing trend towards micropigmentation being used post-op. ‘Here, the medical side of it is coming into play much more, with things like areola re-pigmenting, which is where people have mastectomies due to breast cancer and they have a reconstruction, so we tattoo a very realistic nipple on,’ she explains. ‘In that situation we are giving people their life back.’ Though she insists every procedure is painless, Watson remains adamant people do their research and check the standards of any clinic before going under the needle. With scar camouflaging and colour pigmentation solutions for conditions such as vitiligo available, once you’ve found the right location and the right technician, micropigmentation has the potential to be a whole lot more than make-up.
For more information or to book a consultation with Candice Watson, email or call the LCAS clinic on 04 375 2393.
By Holly Sands
Time Out Dubai,