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Exclusive Beauty UAE - Semi Permanent Makeup and Medical Micropigmentation Treatments Dubai

Dubai Permanent Make Up In Dubai – Perfect Makeup For 3 Years.

Dubai Permanent Make Up In Dubai – Perfect Makeup For 3 Years.

14th March 2012

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Exclusive Beauty UAE - Semi Permanent Makeup and Medical Micropigmentation Treatments Dubai

Dubai Permanent Make Up In Dubai – Perfect Makeup For 3 Years.

The facts and risks of the new micropigmentation trend

Dubai is a city with a workaholic population and – it is more than fair to say – a penchant for self-improvement. It’s little wonder then that women are reaching beyond their make-up bags for lasting beauty solutions, with many believing the answer lies in clinics offering permanent or semi-permanent make-up.
So how does it work? According to Harley Street-trained specialist Candice Watson, it’s important to note that they are one and the same: most governments require that the procedure be referred to as permanent. Look at the colour fades over a period of two to three years: the pigment remains under the dermal layer of the skin (visible only using a microscope).

Based in Dubai

Based in Dubai for the last three years, Watson has seen clients in the LCAS cosmetic surgery clinic in Dubai Healthcare City and is also the specialist for cosmetic tattoos at the Burj Al Arab. ‘In layman’s terms, it’s a tattooing process, but the difference is that we don’t use indelible inks, which are blue-based inks, and it doesn’t go deeply into the skin, hence why it’s called micropigmentation. It goes just underneath the dermal layer, and the pigments fade over time and don’t leave that horrible bluey mark you see around a lot in Dubai,’ she explains.

Though it has recently become illegal for the procedure to be performed in salons and spas across Dubai, it is still legal in cosmetic surgery clinics. Watson explains that people should be vigilant when choosing a clinic, as there are places where you can wind up paying over the odds for an unfinished job or, even worse, a botched one. If done correctly, Watson explains that micropigmentation should ‘enhance what you’ve got, rather than be a complete replacement for make-up.’

Block Brows

The average price you will pay for treatment is Dhs3,000 (though the smallest and cheapest treatment Watson herself does is a beauty spot, which comes in at Dhs1,000). Following a top-up three to four weeks later, you can expect the results to last two to three years. ‘With the eyebrows, you put hair strokes in so they look natural instead of a block colour,’ says Watson. ‘With lips, the most popular are natural and blush colours, and with eyeliner, you enhance the eyes by putting colour through the lash area to make the lashes look thicker.’

Mr Spock Style Brows

Of course, it doesn’t always go to plan; this is where her warnings come in. ‘I’ve had people come to me with lip liner that’s virtually up their nose, they’ve gone way over the lip line, and it looks really bad, I’ve had people come in with blue eyebrows that are sticking up Mr Spock-style, and I’ve had a lady who originally wanted camouflage on her nose, and she ended up with bright green spots all over it, which we’ve had to take out gradually.’ The most common risk with an unskilled technician or someone using old pigments or equipment is coming out with a very bad look, which you will, unfortunately, be stuck with unless you can afford to pay the extra to remove it.

Lips and Brows are Popular

Though Watson has helped numerous clients get a bad job right, she reveals the most popular treatment among her clients in Dubai is done on the lips. ‘Eyebrows are always popular because you start to lose them as you get older, but here it’s full lip colour. Many local and Indian ladies have quite a dark pigment in their lips, and they come to me to make them a pinker colour.’ While new trends such as double-coloured eyeliner – where black is applied initially and then a colour such as green, blue or purple is applied above – are growing in popularity among Watson’s former Harley Street neighbours, in the Middle East, there is a growing trend towards micropigmentation being used post-op.

Areola Tattooing

‘Here, the medical side of it is coming into play much more, with things like areola re-pigmenting, which is where people have mastectomies due to breast cancer, and they have a reconstruction, so we tattoo a very realistic nipple on,’ she explains. ‘In that situation, we are giving people their life back.’ Though she insists every procedure is painless, Watson remains adamant people do their research and check the standards of any clinic before going under the needle. With scar camouflaging and colour pigmentation solutions for conditions such as vitiligo available, once you’ve found the right location and the right technician, micropigmentation has the potential to be a whole lot more than make-up.


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By Holly Sands
Time Out Dubai, 13 March 2012

Dubai Creating Permanent Beauty | Semi Permanent Make Up

Dubai Creating Permanent Beauty | Semi Permanent Make Up

Dubai Creating Permanent Beauty | Semi Permanent Make Up. We apply coloured pigments into the outer skin enhancing Mother Nature's gifts.

The principle of permanent make-up is as simple as it is effective.  Also known as micropigmentation, a term used for applying coloured pigments into the dermal layer of the skin enhances Mother Nature’s gifts without ever having to reach for your make-up bag. Women of all ages are experiencing the difference micropigmentation can make.  

After just one procedure, you can have stunning smudge-free makeup that will last for years to come.

Dubai Creating Permanent Beauty | Semi Permanent Make Up

Semi-permanent makeup uses pigments containing no indelible ink, which is the type of ink used for permanent body tattoos.  Indelible ink should be avoided at all costs as it will fade to a blue colour over time and is permanent.  

Our pigments fade and disappear completely over 2 to 5 years, they are pharmaceutical grade and EU regulated.

Be sure to check the pigment types before your treatment, as waking up with blue eyebrows is not the most desirable look.  Corrections and sometimes removals are possible but require more treatments to remove the permanent pigment, and all the extra hassle and cost could be avoided by using the correct pigments and a highly trained specialist.

Be sure to make the right choice.  Insist on the best, and insist on Exclusive Beauty!

For appointments, please email

The Evolution of Beauty Enhancement Techniques

Semi Permanent Makeup Overview

Embarking on the journey to understand the supremacy of the machine method, SPMU begins with a comprehensive look at the evolution of semi permanent makeup. From its inception to the diverse techniques available today, the world of beauty enhancement has witnessed remarkable advancements.

Microblading: Usine A Manual Blade

Microblading, a widely-known technique, involves manually implanting pigment into the skin to create semi-permanent eyebrows. While it has been a go-to for many, the limitations and nuances of microblading have paved the way for more advanced alternatives.

The Rise of Machine Method SPMU

Machine method SPMU, or micropigmentation, takes the art of permanent makeup to a new level. This technique employs a specialised machine to deposit pigments into the skin, offering precision and longevity that surpasses traditional methods.

The Benefits of Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi Permanent Makeup in Everyday Life

One of the key advantages of semi-permanent makeup is its ability to simplify and streamline daily beauty routines. By waking up with makeup already in place, individuals can save precious time in the mornings, allowing for more efficient and stress-free mornings.

Time-saving aspect

In today’s fast-paced society, time is a valuable commodity. Semi-permanent makeup offers a time-saving solution for individuals with busy schedules who still want to look their best without spending hours in front of the mirror.

Enhanced Confidence

Semi-permanent makeup can also significantly boost self-confidence and self-esteem. For individuals with sparse eyebrows, uneven lip colour, or faint lash lines, semi-permanent makeup provides a natural-looking enhancement that enhances facial features and creates a more polished appearance.

Natural-looking results

Unlike traditional makeup, which can sometimes look heavy or unnatural, semi-permanent makeup is designed to mimic the appearance of natural hair strokes, lip colour, or eyeliner. The result is a subtle enhancement that enhances one’s natural beauty without looking overly made-up.

Dubai Creating Permanent Beauty | Semi Permanent Make Up

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Dubai Creating Permanent Beauty | Semi Permanent Make Up