Dubai: Permanent Make Up, Dubai UAE

Dubai: Permanent Make Up, Dubai UAE

Dubai Permanent Make Up Dubai UAE


Exclusive Beauty offers permanent make up to Harley Street standards. Permanent make up if performed correctly is actually semi permanent make up. Special pigments manufactured for semi permanent make up are implanted into the upper dermal layer of the skin. Body tattoos are implanted much further into the skin using permanent pigments and therefore last a lifetime. Permanent pigments and this deeper implanting into the skin should not be used for semi permanent make up as this is usually results in the horror stories where eyebrows turn blue over time.

Semi permanent make up is available in Dubai for eyebrows, eye liner, lip liner and lip blush and lip colour. Each treatment last around one hour and is tailored to your requirements and to compliment your face structure and skin tone. All treatments are performed by Candice Watson, a former trainer of semi permanent make up on Harley Street, London and has worked in the beauty industry for over 25 years. Candice formed Exclusive Beauty in Dubai almost 5 years ago and has built a reputation for excellence with all the semi permanent make up treatments she performs.

Exclusive Beauty’s semi permanent make up treatments adhere to the Ministry of Health’s guidelines and are performed at the London Centre of Aesthetic Surgery (LCAS) in Healthcare City, Dubai.

For more information please email To make an appointment please call LCAS on 04 375 2393 and speak to Whimper or Hannah.

For our before and after photos please see here.  Please note the semi permanent make up after photos were taken directly after the treatment and show a little redness around the area. This is normal and usually disappears in a few hours post treatment.



Semi Permanent Make UP or Permanent Make UP?

Semi Permanent Make UP or Permanent Make UP?

By Candice Watson, Exclusive Beauty UAE

Semi Permanent Make Up Dubai, UAE - Candice Watson

There is some confusion when choosing Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU) or Permanent Make Up (PMU) in the UAE.  If done correctly the two are basically the same procedures with a slight name change to adhere to the local views on body tattooing and permanent tattoo procedures.

The term Permanent Make Up is widely used in the UK, Europe and USA and whether it is called Semi or Permanent it is the process of implanting pigments into the upper dermal layer of the skin using ultra fine needles capable of finer than hair stroke thickness lines.

Pigments should be pharmaceutical grade allowing the pigments to be naturally expelled by the skin over a period of 2 to 5 years. SPMU machines should be medical grade with finely tuned settings for facial use.

Using the correct pigments and machines do not always ensure quality results, the experience of the technician also plays a huge part.  The ability to assess a person’s features and draw a shape to suit those features is a skill achieved over many years of practice.

The confusion in name allows technicians to use cheaper machines and chemical pigments usually associated with body tattooing.  Pigments are implanted much deeper into the skin hence if a technician is using a much cheaper body tattoo machine with cheaper chemical pigments then the result over time is the area turns blue or grey and is permanent like any other body tattoo.  We have all heard horror stories of poorly done SPMU treatments with blue eyebrows in a spock shape.

When deciding where to have your SPMU treatments remember cheap is not best when applying procedures to your face that could last up to 5 years.

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Thinking of Permanent Eyebrows?

Thinking of Permanent Eyebrows 1

Thinking of Permanent Eyebrows?

Candice Watson is a highly trained specialist in semi permanent make up including permanent eyebrows and medical micropigmentation. Candice worked and trained on Harley Street, London for many years prior to setting up Exclusive Beauty in Dubai, UAE.

All our semi permanent make up treatments are performed at LCAS – The London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery in Healthcare City Dubai. Our Semi Permanent Make Up treatments include:

  • Eyebrow Enhancement
  • Eye Liner
  • Eyelash Enhancement
  • Lip Line
  • Lip Blush
  • Full Lip Colour

Whilst our semi permanent make up treatments are industry leading some people are unsure if semi permanent make up is for them. As an introduction to semi permanent make up Exclusive Beauty developed their own make up system called Dynamic Brows. Dynamic Brows is a series of make up procedures i.e. there are no needles or implanted pigment as with semi permanent make up – Dynamic Brows is a 6 step procedure for creating perfectly sculpted eyebrows.

In addition to our semi permanent make up treatments we offer Medical Micropigmentation which includes Medical PMU and MCA Scar treatment. Candice has achieved fantastic results over her many years performing these treatments. If this is something you are thinking about then please contact us, our consultations are free and you have no obligation to go ahead with the course of treatments however Candice will offer good advice on what is the best treatment for optimum results.

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Are you a salon owner or purchaser? If so Exclusive Beauty are also distributors for some of the best beauty machines in the region including the Sculpt Cryo4 and Cryo Lite fat freezing systems.

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Dubai: Dynamic Brows by Exclusive Beauty, Dubai UAE

Dubai Dynamic Brows by Exclusive Beauty, Dubai UAE 1

Dubai: Dynamic Brows by Exclusive Beauty, Dubai UAE

Join the fastest growing trend to hit the UAE

Dynamic Brows is a technique to transform even the most difficult eyebrows into perfectly sculptured dynamic looking brows. With our technique, using a set process of applying shape and colour, you can produce Dynamic Brows in little over 30 minutes. All necessary equipment is supplied to you by Exclusive Beauty UAE and packaged in our very own Dynamic Brow pack. With every purchase we offer full training and we are always available within Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the region should you require further training or assistance.

Dynamic Brows producing perfectly sculptured eyebrows in a few easy steps

Please contact for more details.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai: Semi Permanent Make Up Training

Abu Dhabi and Dubai Semi Permanent Make Up Training 1

Abu Dhabi and Dubai: Semi Permanent Make Up Training 

Exclusive Beauty UAE – The Harley Street Specialists based in Dubai, UAE offer semi permanent make up training to Harley Street standards. For more information please email

Back to school Exclusive!

Exclusive Beauty’s Semi Permanent Make Up Specialist, Candice Watson, continues to broaden her Professional Development.

With over 25 years experience on the Harley Street, London, Candice knows the importance of refresher training and keeping up to date with the latest trends and developments in Semi Permanent Make Up and Medical Micropigmentation to ensure her clients get the best treatment possible.

Here are a few of the lectures that Candice attended:

Tattoo Removal – Updated Techniques

Tattoo removal on the face is often avoided because it is deemed too risky. Learn to use a saline and micro needling technique which is safe, effective and offers a solution where no other exists. You are able to achieve good results on very small areas.

One Pass Lips

A new technique which will ensure your liplines will be clear and visible. There will be no loss of stencil, colour will be even and you will be able to create perfect lip liner every time.

Working with Older Clients

Often the clients who would benefit the most from Eyebrow, Eyeliner and Lip treatments present the most challenging canvases to work on. Discover a technique which helps you to create crisp, precise, no leeching effects on aged and wrinkled skin.

Hairloss and Alopecia

Understand what causes hairloss and how to create a realistic treatment plan which will not affect any future hair growth. Learn how to adapt your basic techniques to create wonderful eyebrows, eyeliner, hairline, scalp camouflage, infilling patches of hairloss. These techniques can be used on both men and women.

Safe Pigments

The importance of safe, regulated pigments.

MicropigMENtation – Male Procedures

More men are coming forward for treatments. The artistry used with male clients differ across a range of procedures. Procedures for male brow, guyliner, scalp and areolas.

Peel, Heal and Micro Needling for Wrinkles

You can use needling techniques to improve the appearance of wrinkles. RegimA’s Peel & Heal product is made from Natural Fruit Acids and is able to be used on all skin types and all year round. We have formulated a menu of treatments including a 6 session Skin Rejuvenation programme that you can offer to your clients.

Creating Double Colour Eyeliner

Learn how to blend the right colours and create a more defined, beautifully shaded eye. Avoid creating stripes of eyeliner along with techniques to apply thicker eyeliner and avoid migration of pigment.

Improving Areola Tattooing Techniques

A careful guide to techniques used for marking, placement, correction and implantation.

Burn and Scars – Successful Techniques

Burns survivors skin can be tricky to work with and often the pigment heals with intense colour or will not hold in the skin. The effects of good implantation and technique can be life changing.

Wow Brows

Brows are the mainstay of most technicians business. Create brows like Nigella or a Kardashian using placement, shape and colour.

Old school block brows may be back but the techniques are new school. Make sure your clients brows are Wow and Now!


UAE: Permanent Cosmetics in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

UAE Permanent Cosmetics in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE 1

UAE: Permanent Cosmetics in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Permanent Cosmetics includes semi permanent make up and medical micropigmentation. Exclusive Beauty offers permanent cosmetics from LCAS – The London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery, Healthcare City Dubai to the highest standards. All treatments are performed by Candice Watson of Exclusive Beauty who worked and trained on Harley Street, London. For appointments please email or call LCAS on 04 375 2393 and speak to Hannah or Whimper for appointments.

Our semi permanent make up treatments include:

  • Eyebrow Enhancement
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyelash Enhancement
  • Lip Line
  • Lip Colour
  • and Lip Blush.

Our range of Medical Micropigmentation including:

  • Areola Reconstruction
  • Scar Camouflage
  • and Tattoo Removal

Please contact us for more details and locations –