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SPMU – Getting it right!

Semi Permanent Make Up in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Middle East – Removals

By Lucy Smith

SPMU… Green one Blue!?

Residents of Dubai….Be warned!  If you are considering Semi Permanent Make Up please be aware of the countless unqualified, illegal ‘specialists’ masquerading as professionals.
The culprits offer low prices ensuring high numbers of clients, but using cheap permanent pigments used for regular tattooing.

These pigments are not to be used for Cosmetic Micropigmentation (the medical name for SPMU)
Cheap permanent inks are tattooed into the deeper layers of the skin making them virtually impossible to remove!

The colour may appear natural black/brown at first, but after time they fade to green, blue, orange or even pink!

Candice Watson, a Micropigmentation Specialist from Harley Street, London actually helped to write the guidelines in the UK for the safe practise of Semi Permanent Makeup.

Candice now lives and works in Dubai with her company Exclusive Beauty UAE who are the innovators in safe practise on a mission to improve the negative connotation associated with SPMU in Dubai.

90% of Candice’s work is removals and correction for other ‘specialists’ unlucky victims.
For removals, Candice uses a technique called dry needling to gently insert a special cream into the deeper layers of the skin. The cream attracts the permanent pigment like a magnet, drawing it to the surface of the skin where it then scabs over and heals. After several treatments the colour eventually fades as it is removed from the body.

Candice also warns not to use laser as this extreme method of tattoo removal forces the ink deeper into the skin and into the bloodstream where it is potentially toxic.

Remember….your face is not a canvas for so-called specialists!

Insist on the best, insist on Exclusive Beauty!

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