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Non Surgical Face Lift in 10 minutes By Lucy Smith REPS 3 & BTS Instructor, Dubai UAE
I dream of Genie…..
As an experienced Personal Trainer, there has always been one particular ‘problem area’ virtually impossible to firm and sculpt….Your Face!
No amount of squats and lunges can lift your jowls and no amount of cardio will heighten your cheek bones. In fact, as we age we lose fat tissue in our face resulting in sunken cheeks and eye sockets. At the tender age of 26 I would definitely not consider drastic surgery….then I heard about the genie machine. Using a similar concept to toning pads – a fad that I would not recommend to clients as a ‘quick fix’! The genie developed by Dr. R Baxendale, uses mediwave technology to passively exercise your facial muscles, improving tone, firming and rejuvenating. It can also be used on the thighs, stomach and buttock areas to shape up and slim down.
In just ten minutes (one session) you can see visible results – plumping cheek bones, defining the jaw line and firming a sagging chin. Perfect for clients who have lost weight in their face, loosening the skin and making them appear older. Or, like me, if you suffer from puffy cheeks and bloating the Genie Machine improves lymphatic Drainage which can help you lose up to 7lbs in water retention. So, if you long for the sleek defined face shape of Kim Kardashian or any Hollywood Movie Star, this Genie will grant your wishes!!
Coming to Dubai from June 2011! Call Exclusive Beauty UAE on 04 349 2800 for more info!
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