Middle East: Non Surgical Face Lift Dubai

Middle East: Non Surgical Face Lift Dubai

Middle East: Non Surgical Face Lift Dubai

Non Surgical Facelift using the Genie Complete System email info@exclusivebeautyuae.com for more details.

As a woman approaching the halfway mark, I have been sampling treatments at various spas and salons in Dubai, trying to find something that will help me reverse the clock.
I am not rejecting my age, or desperate to look 20 again, I simply want a bit of toning and tightening without drastic surgery!

But with countless expensive creams, oils, and machines which resemble torture devices…yes, on the other hand, I have been there, and you did burn me…what am I to choose?
As a Brit I am always dubious of any treatment in Dubai. Unlike at home, where you can demand your money back or get some compensation or a legal case if something isn’t quite right.

Research Treatments

So, when it came down to it, I researched treatments in the UK. I was delighted to find a new model that suits me to a tee! The Genie Complete is all the rage in the UK and is demanded by the rich and famous celebs on the London scene.

If it’s good enough for them…. It’s good enough for me!

This cute little machine resembles a mini robot—small, compact, and not threatening like some of the equipment you see here!
Another fact I liked instantly about it is that this machine has a special function—a patented wave for short, intense treatments on the face and body that give instant visible results.

And how do you know it works…? Not because the man in Karama says it does….but because this wave was developed by Dr. Baxendale, a Neurologist, to treat patients with muscle waste disorders.

The wave increases muscle mass

The wave increases muscle mass to restore tone and firmness to the area. I was delighted that the Genie Complete is now available at high-end spas and clinics in Dubai. After one session of the 10-minute facelift, my face appeared fuller and firmer. My jowls had lifted, my cheekbones were more defined, and the skin around my eyes was much tighter.

There were no side effects except a slight ache the next day, which reminded me my facial muscles had been put through their paces! I am now addicted to Genie Complete! I followed my facelift with a body treatment. In as little as 20 minutes, my rear end had been firmed and lifted, and my thighs were tighter and felt stronger—perfect for me as I’m not getting any younger and hate the thought of lying around for 60 minutes wasting valuable time!

Treatment as little as 250 AED

That’s not the best – one treatment costs as little as 250 AED.

You need at least 24 hours between sessions, and it is recommended that you have a package of 10 sessions and then wait three months until your next treatment.

The genie complete is available at clinics and spas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
For a non-surgical facelift using the Genie Complete System, email info@exclusivebeautyuae.com for more details.

Middle East: Non Surgical Face Lift Dubai. Non Surgical Facelift using the Genie Complete. Email info@exclusivebeautyuae.com for details.

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Looking For A Training Course?

We offer several micropigmentation training courses in various Dubai and Middle East locations. Courses include Semi Permanent Makeup, Eyebrow Tattooing, Lip Blush training, Medical Micropigmentation, Areola Tattooing training and Hair & Scalp Micropigmentation.

The Evolution of Beauty Enhancement Techniques

Semi Permanent Makeup Overview

Embarking on the journey to understand the supremacy of the machine method, SPMU begins with a comprehensive look at the evolution of semi-permanent makeup. From its inception to the diverse techniques available today, the world of beauty enhancement has witnessed remarkable advancements.

Microblading: Usine A Manual Blade

Microblading, a widely-known technique, involves manually implanting pigment into the skin to create semi-permanent eyebrows. While it has been a go-to for many, the limitations and nuances of microblading have paved the way for more advanced alternatives.

The Rise of Machine Method SPMU

Machine method SPMU, or micropigmentation, takes the art of permanent makeup to a new level. This technique employs a specialised machine to deposit pigments into the skin, offering precision and longevity that surpasses traditional methods.

The Benefits of Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi Permanent Makeup in Everyday Life

One key advantage of semi-permanent makeup is its ability to simplify and streamline daily beauty routines. By waking up with makeup already in place, individuals can save precious morning time, allowing for more efficient and stress-free mornings.

Time-saving aspect

In today’s fast-paced society, time is a valuable commodity. Semi-permanent makeup offers a time-saving solution for individuals with busy schedules who still want to look their best without spending hours in front of the mirror.

Enhanced Confidence

Semi-permanent makeup can also significantly boost self-confidence and self-esteem. For individuals with sparse eyebrows, uneven lip colour, or faint lash lines, semi-permanent makeup provides a natural-looking enhancement that enhances facial features and creates a more polished appearance.

Natural-looking results

Unlike traditional makeup, which can sometimes look heavy or unnatural, semi-permanent makeup is designed to mimic the appearance of natural hair strokes, lip colour, or eyeliner. The result is a subtle enhancement that enhances one’s natural beauty without looking overly made-up.

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