Semi Permanent Make Up or Cosmetic Tattooing?

Semi Permanent Make Up or Cosmetic Tattooing?


Semi Permanent Make Up or Cosmetic Tattooing? Micropigmentation or Permanent Make Up? There are lots of names for the same process. Exclusive Beauty gives you the essential facts required when choosing a Semi Permanent Make Up treatment.

Everyone likes to look good and feel good so we dedicate time and effort everyday achieving this. What if there was a long term solution via a short cut? Of course everyone would do it right? Semi Permanent Make Up or Cosmetic Tattooing can free up valuable time with your makeup routine however when the word “Tattoo” is involved people tend to be put off!

The mainstream view is tattoos are painful, they are for life, and if it goes wrong you are in a mess

The mainstream view is tattoos are painful, they are for life, and if it goes wrong you are in a mess so of course making the decision to have a tattoo on your face where you can’t hide it is a big one and needs to be carefully considered.

If you are one of those ladies (or gentlemen) considering cosmetic tattooing and semi permanent make up then here is some advice on what you need to know:

Q. How is Semi Permanent Make Up, Micropigmentation or Cosmetic Tattooing different to standard tattoos?

A. Semi Permanent Make Up, Micropigmentation or Cosmetic Tattooing are different names for the same thing. The confusion or area where people are misled is the word “Tattoo”.

Everyone’s preconception of the word tattoo usually is of body tattoos which are permanent and last a lifetime. Body tattoos use cheap machines, cheap needles, and cheap pigments. All do what they are required to do however body tattoo pigments are implanted much deeper into the skin and spread over time, blurring the once crisp tattoo lines, with all colour pigments eventually turning blue due to how the pigments are made – with blue hue as there base colour.

When it comes to Semi Permanent Make Up and Cosmetic Tattooing, all is different.

Of course it is only natural that anyone considering semi permanent make up are nervous as they think “Someone’s going to tattoo my face!” When you think of tattoos you think of faded turquoise uneven pictures on ageing sailors which is enough to make anyone think twice but actually semi permanent make up and permanent body tattoos couldn’t be more different.

Semi Permanent Make Up Pigments

Semi Permanent Make Up Pigments are totally different to body tattoo pigments. Make up pigments are designed to degrade over time, this means there will be none of the nasty blue hue that you get from old body tattoos (body tattoo ink is indelible and blue is the only colour that stays in the skin forever.) No semi permanent make up pigments contain blue. Not even the blue has a blue hue in it.


With SPMU the pigment is placed only into the upper EPIDERMIS layer of the skin so as the skin cells naturally ex-foliate the pigment is expelled causing the pigment to fade over time. Permanent body tattoo pigments are implanted deeper into the DERMIS layer where the cells are more stable allowing the tattoo to last a lifetime. Most semi permanent make up treatments will last between 2 and 5 years depending on skin conditions and exposure to UV rays. A touch up is required after 18 – 24 months to keep the pigment looking fresh. After 5 years semi permanent make up pigments will pretty much fade out of the skin completely.

Is Semi Permanent  Make Up Painful?

The pain of a permanent body tattoo is immensely painful, I (Candice Watson) had a very small one myself years ago and likened it to a burning hot knife being sliced through my skin. Semi permanent make up is nothing like it. Numbing cream is applied initially to minimise any pain. The feeling when the treatment is performed is usually likened to waxing or plucking of hair which as we all know, is nothing compared to other treatments we put ourselves through.

Semi Permanent Make Up Training

Body Tattoo Artists and Semi Permanent Make Up Technicians go through a completely different training process. Semi permanent make up technicians are required to know colour theory, the structure of the face, skin tone matches and many other skills including interpreting client’s wishes correctly and to be mindful of our patients.

There are many differences between body tattoos and semi permanent make up treatments, here is a little insight into the main and most important ones to remember

What Are The Risks?

As with any sort of tattoo, semi permanent make up or body tattoo, there are certain risk factors to take into consideration.

Infection And Disease

Going to a poorly qualified or unprofessional technician, who doesn’t operate under the most hygienic practices, can leave you open to infections and blood diseases such as Hepatitis, Septicaemia and HIV. Stick to certified and reputable technicians and check that they hold the correct licenses to practise with the correct permits.

Choosing A Specialist

Common sense is key. Specialist follow the rules. Treatments should be performed in a controlled environment like a treatment room at a spa, salon or medical facility to control health and safety standards including the movement of blood spores etc. Technicians who work out of their homes or visit your home are not be permitted to do so in the UAE. There is no control over their standards so should not be used. Technicians who have been recommended by others is often a good sign, also do you homework and research online.

Who Chooses The Colour And Shape?

At your consultation you should decide on the shape and colour that you want, your technician or specialist will advise you of this based on their experience and training and the shape is usually drawn on with a makeup pencil and agreed before the treatment commences. Going to an unqualified or inexperienced technician can leave you open to the risk of not getting what you asked for. Mistakes can happen and often do due to poor training or experience tattooing the facial area. Once the pigment is applied it is possible to remove however a course of treatments are required to remove and correct which equals far more than paying a little extra for the best treatments you can find.

Note: If you require semi permanent make up removals or body tattoo removal then Exclusive Beauty offer a very effective solution that withdraws the pigment from the skin. A word of caution, laser tattoo removal especially on the face can often push the pigment further into the skin, spreading the pigment instead of removing. Please contact us for further information regarding Removals.

Always choose recommended and experienced technicians, the greater the experience the better.

Don’t go with unusual fads or trends, what will you do 6 months down the line when it is no longer the fashion to have “spock” eyebrows!? Pick classic shapes and a colour that suits your hair and skin tone, you can always fill in with make up for a more dramatic look.


You get what you pay for is a very old but very true saying especially with semi permanent make up treatment costs.

The investment in Semi Permanent Make Up is not small, but DO NOT be tempted by cheaper deals or the latest ‘great offer’. Higher cost usually equals more experience and you definitely want someone experienced to perform a treatment to your face, especially when that treatment could impact on your look for at least the next 2 years.

We cannot emphasise this enough, if you want a semi permanent make up treatment done right don’t do it on the cheap. The majority of problems we encounter are due to 1. as a result of either bad workmanship on the part of the technician so poorly trained or lack of experience, and 2. the client not been given the correct aftercare instructions again from poor training and experience of the technician. Choose your technician carefully and you will avoid these potentially costly issues.


There are so many reasons why people lose their eyebrows, from simply over plucking when they were younger, to the chemicals or harshness of washing water (particularly in the UAE) to having a medical condition such as Alopecia or Cancer. Having your eyebrows tattooed is a great way to frame your face and get a great shape to your brow. The most popular technique used nowadays by reputable and high quality micropigmentation professionals is called Hair Stroke or Feathering technique. These techniques apply pigment to mimic an individual hair achieved by using super fine needles. Each individual hair is applied with a combination of 2-3 different coloured pigments to achieve a meticulous and very natural result.

The latest technique for semi permanent eyebrows is “The 3D Eyebrow”. A combination of shading and hair strokes to give a three dimensional finish, a perfect solution for someone who has lost all or almost all of their eyebrow hair and want a very natural look.

Semi Permanent Eyebrows have an end result of being as natural or as dramatic as you like, this is a matter of personal preference and should be discussed with your technician at the consultation.


Who doesn’t want great looking lips!

Semi permanent lip treatments cover a variety of needs from defining your lip shape or reshape an uneven lip by applying a natural contour line. To Full lip colour  where a wash of pigment is applied to the whole lip using either a natural or bold colour. Semi permanent make up for lips can also correct uneven or discoloured lips due to smoking or other reasons.

Semi permanent lip colour is a great solution to redefine lip lines and to give a fuller look.

As an added benefit, having a semi permanent lip treatment will naturally plump your lips slightly as the technique helps to promote natural collagen. For special occasions you can achieve your perfect pout and colour with no lipstick bleeding and all you have to do is apply some gloss or balm before you go out.

Semi permanent lip colour really is a perfect solution for everyday use.

Eyeliner and Eyelash Enhancement

Again as with the other treatments available for semi permanent make up, there are several reasons why someone would want to have Eyeliner or Eyelash Enhancement. Both treatments can be subtle or more defined. A little bit of definition or colour on their lash line? or to achieve much more dramatic eyes? or simply to have something there if the lashes have fallen out or become very sparse. Semi Permanent Eyelash or Eyeline treatment is a simple yet effective procedure with lovely results, it is also a great treatment for those who have sensitive eyes and allergies to normal make up.

So, is having semi permanent make up worth it? We think so! A recap of the benefits:

  • No more makeup!
  • No tinting
  • No plucking
  • No brow gels
  • No bleeding lipsticks
  • No smudged eyebrows and eyeliner (especially in our UAE climate).

You can swim, go to the gym, sunbath, all without having to reapply make up every 5 minutes. People won’t know you have had a procedure, it looks natural and perfect if done correctly.

Wake up with perfect brows and make up! Save money, no more eyebrow, lip and eyeliner pencils to buy! The perfect solution for problem brows and lips!

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Having a semi permanent make up may sound like a drastic step but it is one of the fastest growing treatments in the world today. More and more people have started realising the benefits of semi Permanent Make Up. If you think you are ready to take the next step to an easier life or want to find out more contact us today.

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