Dubai: Want Cheap Semi Permanent Make Up?

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Dubai: Want Cheap Semi Permanent Make Up?
Is it always better to go for cheaper when thinking of having a Semi Permanent Make Up treatment? We all like a bargain and eagerly seek discounts but where your face and appearance are concerned is this the way to go?
Exclusive Beauty UAE aren’t the cheapest providers of semi permanent make up in the region but we do offer the highest quality of treatment with associated health and safety requirements currently in the region to Harley Street standards.
Our prices are less expensive than Harley Street but with our Harley Street specialist you will be receiving the same quality of treatment. Why spend extra money on flights and hotel stays when the same service is available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Of course you will find cheaper services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi but this will be with low quality pigments (colours) and machines which will cause more trauma to the skin and more pain along with possible inexperienced and underqualified therapists all of which could result in unsightly blue or green migrated (washed) colours in the face and unattractive, un-natural results which will last for years.
Is this worth chasing a cheaper deal?
Insist on the best, insist on Exclusive Beauty! Call 04 349 2800 or email for appointments and more information.

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