Dubai: Semi Permanent Make Up, Dubai UAE

Dubai: Semi Permanent Make Up, Dubai UAE

Dubai Semi Permanent Make Up Dubai UAE 1


Semi Permanent Make Up is available to Harley Street standards in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Candice Watson of Exclusive Beauty offers all semi permanent make up treatments including eyeliner treatments, eyebrow treatments, lip line, full lip colour and lip blush to the highest level. We also offer a complete range of Medical Micropigmentation treatments including scar camouflage and areola reconstruction.

Semi permanent make up uses a process called micropigmentation to implant pigments into the upper epidermis layer of skin (outer) at an exact depth. This exact depth allows the pigment to be expelled over 2 – 3 years resulting in the process being semi permanent.

The pigment is also specially formulated for use with the delicate areas of the face. Unlike body art tattoo pigments, semi permanent make up pigments contain no harsh chemicals and do not change colour over time or fade. Ultra fine needles are used to allow precision application of pigments to strokes finer than individual hairstrokes. This ensures ultra fine details can be achieved, coupled with the skill of our team ensures perfect and long lasting results.

All treatments are to current Ministry of Health and Dubai Municipality guidelines and are performed from the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery (LCAS) in Healthcare City, Dubai.

Please email for more details or call LCAS on 04 375 2393 for appointments.

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