Permanent Make Up Dubai

Dubai:  The Changing Face of Permanent Makeup (SPMU) in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Region.

Permanent Make-Up or Semi Permanent Make-Up (SPMU) is going through a massive transformation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the region.

The quality of SPMU in previous years has been substandard mainly due to relaxed regulations or not enforcing procedures within the emirate.  Whilst attempting to legitimise SPMU in Dubai we were appalled by the number of salons performing treatments for Semi Permanent Makeup with very little or no regard for up to date Health and Safety practices comparable to Harley Street of London.

Established Dubai practitioners are able to offer inferior treatments and get away with it as any complaints are often not made to the right department or just not made.
Exclusive Beauty offers the best treatments in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the region.  All our treatments are performed by Candice Watson who has over 25 years of Harley Street experience.

Candice is the founding partner of Exclusive Beauty UAE, the Harley Street Specialists now based in Dubai offering SPMU treatments at various locations within Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We use the only approved machine in the UAE which has the highest medical specifications.  Our needles are one use only and are so fine allowing for a build-up of colour using individual hair strokes and not the usual painful block technique.

Do not settle for inferior painful treatments, insist on the best.

Insist on Exclusive Beauty!

Available in the following locations:  Jumeira 1, jumeira 2, Health Care City, Al Barsha and Al Wasl Road and various locations in Abu Dhabi.

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