Dubai Semi-Permanent Make-up: Eyelash Enhancement By Mona Shibel, April 20th, 2011

Dubai Semi-Permanent Make-up: Eyelash Enhancement By Mona Shibel, April 20th, 2011

Semi-Permanent Make-up: Eyelash Enhancement By Mona Shibel, April 20th, 2011

As owner and current Editor-in-Chief of White, I love to share great experiences and excellent service with White readers. A few weeks ago, I decided to give semi-permanent make-up a shot. I have never considered it in the past because I have seen results on some women with semi-permanent make-up that were quite scary. Dark lined lips, women with eyebrows completely plucked out and very obviously painted back, not to mention once black make-up shades fading into blueish and pinkish tints.

Plus, it is semi-permanent…. yes, it’s for a few years only, but a few years can be quite long when it’s something you DON’T like!

However, I changed my mind and decided to try it when White’s beauty editor, Edwina Viel, did an interview a few weeks back with renowned semi-permanent make-up artist Candice Watson. I’d already heard a lot about Candice and thought, why not try something new and different? I knew I wanted something subtle because I do not always like to be “made up”. Sometimes I just like a fresh face look with some blush and lip gloss so having eye make-up done was not on my agenda. But I went with an open mind and thought I’d listen to what Candice recommends for me.

And that is indeed what she recommended when she saw me. She felt that Eyelash Enhancement would be perfect for me because its subtle effects give an illusion of fuller lashes by filling out the lash line. I was immediately “sold” on the idea.

I am an “eye-sensitive” person

Now, here’s where the tricky part comes in. I am an “eye-sensitive” person. I can’t bear the thought of anything or anyone touching my eyes… let alone a needle! However, Candice was amazing and made me feel at ease. She informed me step by step what she’d be doing and what I would be feeling. She gave me a heads-up before starting, and it was much easier than I thought it would be. The sensation is similar to someone gently scratching your eyelid. It was by no means painful. Oh, and I LOVED the results! My eyelashes seemed thicker. Something looked nice, but you wouldn’t guess what it was.

Aside from the actual outcome, what was really interesting was discovering that Candice is actually working closely with the Dubai Municipality to set down the correct guidelines and regulations for applying semi-permanent make-up in Dubai. This follows a lack of adherence to basic safety guidelines, with some technicians actually re-using the needles across patients or for the top-up treatment! That, plus the fact that some technicians relied on permanent pigments rather than semi-permanent pigments, resulted in the pink and blue hues you see going around.
I am due for a top-up soon, which is recommended about 3 weeks following the first application. This is when the colour finally sets. I am looking forward to going again for the top-up and perhaps this time I will share some before/after photos with our readers.

Dubai Semi-Permanent Make-up Eyelash Enhancement By Mona Shibel

Dubai Semi-Permanent Make-up Eyelash Enhancement By Mona Shibel. I decided to give semi-permanent make-up a shot. Read what happened here.

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Dubai Semi-Permanent Make-up Eyelash Enhancement By Mona Shibel

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