Client Comments

Client Comments

Client Comments from one of our many satisfied clients, Andrea M:

“Candice has changed my life; I am so grateful to her. She is the best in the business!”

The story:  

I had a horrible experience with a woman who operates in Dubai (I won’t say who it was). I went to her for semi-permanent eyeliner and medical micropigmentation to camouflage some white marks on my face. The woman was arrogant, but I assumed she knew her job; how wrong could I be?!

She did my eyeliner, which was agony, and then camouflaged the white marks on my face, mainly my nose area. When she showed me the mirror, I was unhappy with the results. The eyeliner was blotchy, and my eyes were very red and puffy. The white marks on my nose were now a dark brown, not the colour of my skin at all. After a week, the areas she had camouflaged on my nose turned a nasty green colour; I was distraught! I returned to her, and she said it wasn’t her problem, and she refused to do anything else for me. I left in tears.

I was told to have laser removal

Over the next few weeks, I saw a few doctors to see what could be done. I was told to have laser removal on the area, and it should disappear, so I started having laser treatments at around 800 AED per treatment, one every month, which was not cheap! After six sessions, the green was spreading into my skin rather than going; when I asked the laser doctor how long it would take, she didn’t know and said it would take as long as it took. I stupidly carried on believing that, at some point, it would all be gone. Two years later, in a desperate state with big blotchy marks all over my face, I found Candice from Exclusive Beauty UAE.

I went to see Candice and told her of my terrible time over the last two years. Candice was sympathetic, understanding, and very honest. Candice explained why laser is not the best treatment to remove tattoos and why, with the procedures I have been having, I have ended up with green marks on my face. Candice explained the treatment was destined to fail as I had not had a patch test done before any corrective procedure. A patch test determines what colour to add to match each skin tone and is the first thing to do before any corrective treatment.

Injects a cream into the tattoo

With all the facts now in my mind, Candice told me about the removal system she uses: a needling system that injects a cream into the tattoo to draw the pigment out over a few weeks and several sessions. Candice was honest about how long it would take and offered to correct the bad eyeliner job. I felt very confident in her hands and very relaxed about it all, and for the first time in two years, I saw a way out of my nightmare.

A few days later, I started my treatment plan with Candice. The eyeliner treatment didn’t hurt; it felt like a tickle rather than any pain. When Candice was finished, it looked great. Then Candice performed the first removal treatment, which looked a little scabby and red immediately afterwards. Within a few hours, the redness had gone, and within two days, the light scabbing had disappeared, and in their place were very much faded green splodges; I was over the moon!

The green was fading rapidly

Four weeks later, we did another session. I also asked if Candice could do my eyebrows and lips, as I felt so confident in her abilities. After all the procedures, I was finally happy with my face. It all looked perfect, and the green was fading rapidly.

After my third removal session, the green had all gone. I couldn’t believe it; Candice had given me back my life, and all I could do was hug her! Candice then went one step further and did the original camouflage of the now white marks around my nose that I wanted in the perfect colour (and yes, she did the patch test).

I moved to France shortly after my course of treatments, but I will continue to come back to Dubai for Candice to do my touch-up appointments because I know from experience that no one else can do it as well as she can.

Candice, from the bottom of my heart….Thank you x Andrea M

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