Valentine Kissable Lips! with Semi Permanent Make Up by Exclusive Beauty

Valentine kissable lips! with Semi-Permanent Makeup by Exclusive Beauty
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Well ladies the time is here again, get ready for the romance, flowers, gifts and lots of kisses!!
But wait!!  What will happen to your lovely lipstick if he kisses you?  No No that just can’t happen I hear you say,  I will have smudged lippy all over the place or it will come off altogether!
Well do not fear my female friends we can help.
Get the most luscious lips in the UAE!  Full lip colour, lip liner or just a natural blush of colour with no smudges, no smears and no coming off!!!
Semi-permanent makeup, all the beauty with none of the fuss.
Call 04 349 2800 or email for appointments and more information.
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