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It is often difficult to choose a beauty machine supplier given the vast amount of companies currently advertising on the internet. We at Exclusive Beauty are a beauty machine supplier who endeavours to supply high quality systems to the Middle East. We offer market leading support and training from our head office in Dubai which is very different to other beauty machine supplier.

Exclusive Beauty’s key systems are:

  • HFS – Hair Follicle Simulation
  • Sculpt Face Rejuvenation System
  • Sculpt Cryo 4 & Cryo Lite – Fat Freezing Systems

HFS Hair Follicle Simulation is the must have treatment to camouflage baldness and hair loss. Using a unique application roller, multiple micro blades implant pigment into the scalp giving the appearance of more hair follicles. These new hair follicles cover the scalp and mimic the look of a thicker head of hair.

HFS Hair Follicle Simulation gives amazing results with only one application. Multiple treatments are required to ensure the pigment is applied correctly to the skin. Treatments use semi permanent pigments which lasts for 2 – 3 years. A top up is recommended every 18 months to keep the colour looking fresh.

We at Exclusive Beauty are a beauty machine supplier who endeavours to supply high quality systems to the Middle East market.

Sculpt Face Rejuvenation System is one of our best sellers. This system actually makes women (and men) look younger. A cream like solution containing high levels of collagen is gentle applied into the skin. This injection of collagen plump fine lines and reduces wrinkles to give a more youthful look. Treatment areas include the face, neck and back of hands.

Sculpt Face Rejuvenation stimulates your natural collagen stores and will not scar or snag the skin. The gentle treatment will not distress healthy skin and unlike other skin needling treatments, redness will subside within 30 MINUTES leaving skin visibly improved.

Our Sculpt Cryo 4 and Cryo Lite Systems are very effective systems at freezing fat. Stubborn areas of fat are gently frozen and dissolved in only one 45 minute treatment.

Cryogenic Lipolysis (Cryolipolysis) is the latest and most powerful method of fat removal with permanent results. Cryogenic Lipolysis breaks down fatty tissues by gently warming and rapidly cooling/freezing specific fatty areas whilst leaving surrounding tissues intact.

The cooling/freezing process of Cryogenic Lipolysis stimulates the natural Lipolysis of fatty tissues which is then dispelled naturally through the body.

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Dubai: Micropigmentation Explained, Dubai, UAE

Dubai: Micropigmentation Explained, Dubai, UAE

“I have treated thousands of clients with micropigmentation over the course of my career and I very much enjoy the ability to make women feel great when they choose micropigmentation as a form of semi-permanent make-up but without doubt the most rewarding aspect of my job is to be able to enable both men and women to go out feeling happy and confident in themselves again.”

Dubai Micropigmentation Explained Dubai UAE 1
Dubai: Micropigmentation Explained Dubai UAE

Micropigmentation is well known as a permanent cosmetic procedure within the beauty industry. What is less known is the role  Micropigmentation plays in improving the quality of life for those whose appearance has been affected by trauma, accidents or medical conditions. says Candice Watson of Exclusive Beauty who practices her micro-pigmentation at the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery in Healthcare City, Dubai.

It is important to realise that Micropigmentation is not only a procedure for cosmetic beauty and vanity – it also has a positive impact on restoring people’s confidence and giving them back a normal life after suffering things such as burn scars, alopecia or breast reconstruction.

Areola Reconstruction

An estimated 183,000 new cases of breast cancer occur annually in the USA, these fall into 3 categories based on its location and spread: EARLY, INVASIVE and METASTIC.

The treatment options vary dependant on the cancer and choice of the patient, but many will result in a partial or full mastectomy, taking away the breast tissue and the areola of the breast.

a huge difference to the patient both aesthetically and mentally

This is where we can make a huge difference to the patient both aesthetically and mentally, by replacing the areola after they have breast reconstruction and giving the breast an amazingly realistic looking nipple again.

Dry Needling – Scar Camouflage

When performing medical micropigmentation treatments with patients who have got raised scarring or burn scars we do a treatment called MCA, this is a dry needling and dispersion technique which relaxes and flattens the scar and causes the scar to naturally re-pigment, this is a lifelong and permanent technique.

Alopecia & Hair Loss

Alopecia or hair loss can affect men and women of all ages and cause not only the physical dilemma or having no hair, eyebrows etc but also cause psychological issues with sufferers becoming self-conscious about having skin patches showing through hair or no eyebrows (eyebrows frame the whole face and it is very noticeable when they are not present)

Micropigmentation is amazingly effective in disguising this by applying very natural looking eyebrows or hair strokes.

Semi-permanent make-up with Micropigmentation

Candice has been treating women with semi-permanent make-up for over 25 years and it has come a very long way since the time when painful noisy rotary machines were used.  These inferior machines would literally rip through the skin resulting in more pain and take a long time to heal. These days  smooth digital high tech machines are used with specially honed frequencies allowing needles to penetrate the skin as smooth as possible causing less trauma and almost no pain. Candice only uses the best micropigmentation machine on the market, there really is no point using cheaper machines.

Semi-permanent make-up is now a comfortable and safe procedure that creates a result of natural and incredible beauty, and a treatment that is almost essential to anyone who wears make-up in the UAE! With the incredible heat and the constant sweating here in UAE how wonderful it is to not have your make-up running down your face every day, or to be able to just get up and go in the morning, or come out of the pool still looking fabulous!

Any look and colour can be achieved with semi permanent make up, so you will look great all the time and you will save time and effort each day by not having to perform your make-up regime time and time again.

unfortunately many technicians have not been trained correctly in this, resulting in such things as blue or pink eyebrows and purple lips!

Micropigmentation works by implanting a pigment under the top layer of the skin to the dermis which lasts for between 2 and 5 years, sometimes longer, the pigment is carefully chosen to match or enhance the patients skin tone, it is of utmost importance that colour theory is understood and the correct colour is used by the technician says Candice, unfortunately many technicians have not been trained correctly in this, resulting in such things as blue or pink eyebrows and purple lips! If done incorrectly this makes the area stand out of the face instead of naturally blending in, this is the exact opposite of what you should be aiming to achieve.

Identifying the correct colour and using the best techniques when applying micropigmentation is what every client is looking for and these are the main skills I used to teach my students in my training school back in the UK.

Tattoo Removals and Semi Permanent Make Up Corrections

Luckily Candice says, I also do removals of tattoos and micropigmentation so when patients come to me after having a poor treatment I can correct it for them.

Ms Watson, who used to practice in the renowned Harley Street in London, UK – a name synonymous with the highest standards of medical and cosmetic treatment available in the world – is hoping that her skills will help to improve the quality of life for those in the UAE with aesthetic problems or looking to enhance what nature provided with the use of the Semi Permanent Make-Up.

To enquire about how Micropigmentation can help you please visit our medical micropigmentation section of our main site or email for more details.

Micropigmentation – the corrective cosmetic treatment

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