New Face Rejuvenation System

Turn back time using the revolutionary new Sculpt Face Rejuvenation System by Exclusive Beauty, the Harley Street Specialists, Dubai UAE


Our bespoke face rejuvenation system gentle micro needling to stimulate natural collagen with instant results for:

  • reducing acne & scars
  • reducing fine lines & wrinkles
  • anti ageing
  • improving appearance
  • instant glow

Sculpt Face Rejuvenation System (FRS) is a new skin needling package that delivers incredible results and repairs your skin. Why FRS? Face Rejuvenation System stimulates your natural collagen stores and will not scar or snag the skin. The gentle treatment will not distress healthy skin and unlike other skin needling treatments, redness will subside within 1 – 2 hours leaving skin visibly improved.

EB Face Rejuvenation System


Our Sculpt Face Rejuvenation system shows visible results after only one treatment. Look younger with more fuller and healthier looking skin.

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Sculpt Face Rejuvenation System by Exclusive Beauty LLC PO Box 75971 Dubai UAE. Head Office - Silicon Oasis Tel: +971 4 326 2822 Opt 4.