Semi Permanent Make Up Dubai UAE

Semi Permanent Make Up specialists based in Dubai, UAE


Candice Watson performs semi permanent make up to the highest standards in the Middle East.  Candice worked and trained on Harley Street London for over 15 years before setting up Exclusive Beauty in Dubai in 2009. Since then Candice has expanded Exclusive Beauty to include the Sculpt brand of face and body systems.

I moved to Dubai in 2009 and set up Exclusive Beauty to perform permanent make up treatments to the same standard as I used to do on Harley Street locally in the region.

At Exclusive Beauty we only use the best semi permanent make up machine on the market with the highest grade of needles and pigments. Our needles are a similar width to actual hair so there is less trauma to the skin which when coupled with our industry leading machine equals a more comfortable experience for all our permanent make up procedures. Treatments include:

* Semi Permanent Eyebrow
* Semi Permanent Eyeliner
* Semi Permanent Lip Line
* Semi Permanent Full Lip Colour
* Semi Permanent Lip Blush
* Semi Permanent Beauty Spot application

Semi permanent make up treatments last between 2 and 5 years depending on how the skin reacts to the pigment and exposure to the sun and UV rays. In Europe our treatments last around 5 years, in the Middle East as the sun is much stronger we recommend a top up treatment 18 – 24 months after the initial course of treatments. Each treatment course usually consists of an initial treatment and 1 top up, this allows the pigment to properly implanted into the skin and give the best look possible. For lip treatments sometimes more than 1 top up may be required.

In addition to our market leading semi permanent make up treatments we offer medical micropigmentation treatments including scar camouflage, tattoo removals and areolae reconstruction. The same high standards are achieved by using market leading equipment coupled with Candice’s exceptional skill.

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* Semi Permanent Make Up also known as Permanent Make Up, SPMU, PMU and Micropigmentation last for 2 to 5 years depending on conditions.