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Middle East: Sculpt Cryo4 fat freezing system

Review of a treatment using Sculpt Cryo4 fat freezing system by Deborah Muir, Sales Executive for Exclusive Beauty LLC, Dubai UAE

Seeing the development of the Sculpt Cryo4 fat freezing system has help me realize there is a fix to my problem areas of fat that fits into my lifestyle.

As a woman there are always areas of fat that I would like to see (or not see) on my body. I have a job and a busy life so fitting in the gym is difficult. When I joined Exclusive Beauty the full range of Sculpt face and body systems including the Sculpt Cryo4 fat freezing system was explained to me and I must admit I had a twinkle in my eye when I saw the Sculpt Cryo 4. The Sculpt Cryo4 fat freezing system is the answer to problem areas of fat, you know those areas that even if I was going down the gym would still hang around and be very hard to work on.

When Candice Watson, my boss and founder of Exclusive Beauty, asked me to have a fat freezing treatment using a newly delivered Sculpt Cryo4 fat freezing system, I jumped at the chance.

Of course working for Exclusive Beauty I had seen a few Sculpt Cryo4 fat feezing treatments and to be honest the treatment looked a little weird and potentially uncomfortable. That said the Sculpt Cryo4 fat freezing system is non-invasive and ticked all the boxes for someone who shudders at the thought of anaesthesia and potential pain through the usual route of invasive surgery to remove fat associated with liposuction etc.

Also with the non-invasive Sculpt Cryo4 fat freezing system there is no downtime, you can get on with your daily activity which is why fat freezing  (Cryolipolisis) is so appealing.

The fat freezing treatment involves an initial consultation to discuss where I wanted the treatment and assess fat density etc. The treatment area is drawn on the skin and a cool gel membrane is placed over the treatment area – this is essential as the fat freezing membrane acts as an anti freeze barrier to not cause cold burns to the skin.  Then the treatment starts – the area where the treatment head is applied is sucked up inside the treatment head, the sensation is slightly uncomfortable but the suction only lasts for about 20 seconds and after a few minutes there is no uncomfortable sensation. Then the area is gently warmed and rapidly cooled to up to -10 for a specific time depending on fat density in the treated area.

During the fat freezing treatment the only cold that I felt was when the fat freezing membrane was placed over the treatment area.  At the start of the treatment there is a sucking feeling of the skin being drawn up into the cooling head. The sensation is slightly uncomfortable but after a few minutes it was ok.   There is also an emergency stop button on the machine so I knew I could stop the treatment if I wished to do so, however, my technician was very reassuring at all times. The treatment lasted for 45 minutes. You can opt for a shorter time but I was advised based on my fat density that I should have a maximum time treatment. To be honest the treatment was a little boring. Once the initial stuff was over I just laid and relaxed.

When the treatment finished I felt the area where the treatment had taken place and it was very cold and a little red and tender but after half an hour all was back to normal. Candice told me that a little a bruising post treatment was normal.  The area is massaged by the technician to defrost the area and get the circulation flowing in the treated area which helps the area to heal.

Now I will await my results however I know that I have to do my bit which is a healthy diet and exercise – so I’ll wait and see.  I am already looking now to do another part of my body, maybe my upper arms will be next!

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