Dubai: Permanent Make Up – Permanent Cosmetics

Dubai: Permanent Make Up – Permanent Cosmetics

Dubai Permanent Make Up – Permanent Cosmetics 3


Exclusive Beauty offers Permanent Make Up as part of their Permanent Cosmetics range of services.

Candice Watson of Exclusive Beauty offers Permanent Make Up treatments to Harley Street standards.

Exclusive Beauty began offering permanent make up procedures in Dubai in 2009 and has rapidly grown into one of the best providers of high end permanent make up in the region. The term “permanent” when describing permanent make up is not entirely correct. Permanent make up is actually “semi permanent make up” as non permanent pigments are implanted into the upper dermal layer of the skin allowing the pigment to be expelled from the skin over the course of several years. Also it is a mistake to group permanent make up with permanent body art and tattoos. For permanent body tattoos, permanent pigments are implanted much deeper into the skin. This process should be avoided at all costs when undertaking a facial cosmetic procedures. The process of applying permanent tattoos is also illegal in the UAE and Exclusive Beauty do not offer this service.

In Dubai and the UAE we use the term Semi Permanent Make Up

In Dubai and the UAE we use the term Semi Permanent Make Up as this is the correct term however there are still clients from the UK and Europe who request permanent make up. For this reason we use both. Permanent make up is a cosmetic procedure usually offered to areas on the face, the eyebrows, eye liner, lip liner and full lip colour.

To confuse potential clients further, some practitioners offer cheaper treatments using cheaper permanent pigments and body art machines and needles.  This equipment is not suitable for the semi permanent make up procedures and the delicate areas of the face. Also permanent pigments will turn blue over time, the same as any body tattoo and if done incorrectly to the wrong shape the pigment is more costly to remove as it is usually implanted deeper in the skin.

Medical Micropigmentation uses the same process and principles as permanent make up but is usually to areas on te body and face to correct or rectify an issue like aereola reconstruction, scar camouflage, pigment loss and to correct hair loss areas.

Permanent Make Up available in Dubai at LCAS

Candice Watson of Exclusive Beauty performs semi permanent make up treatments to the highest levels in the UAE at the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery (LCAS) in Healthcare City, Dubai UAE

For appointments please call LCAS directly on 04 375 2393. For general enquiries, our current price list and LCAS location map please  email

We pride ourselves in performing the best semi permanent make up treatments and medical micropigmentation treatments in the region with fantastic long-lasting results to current Harley Street standards.

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