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Candice Watson is a world-renowned micropigmentation specialist with almost 30 years experience performing micropigmentation procedures including semi permanent makeup and medical micropigmentation to the highest level.

Candice currently performs all permanent cosmetic treatments from the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery (LCAS) Dubai Healthcare City. For to request an appointment please see our contact page HERE.

Semi Permanent Make UP or Permanent Make UP?

By Candice Watson

There is some confusion when choosing Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU) or Permanent Make Up (PMU) in the UAE. If done correctly the two are basically the same procedures with a slight name change to adhere to the local views on body tattooing and permanent tattoo procedures.

The term Permanent Make Up is widely used in the UK, Europe and USA and whether it is called Semi or Permanent it is the process of implanting pigments into the upper dermal layer of the skin using ultra-fine needles capable of finer than hair stroke thickness lines.

Pigments should be pharmaceutical grade allowing the pigments to be naturally expelled by the skin over a period of 2 to 3 years. SPMU machines should be medical grade with finely tuned settings for facial use.

Using the correct pigments and machines do not always ensure quality results, the experience of the technician also plays a huge part. The ability to assess a person’s features and draw a shape to suit those features is a skill achieved over many years of practice.

The confusion in name allows technicians to use cheaper machines and chemical pigments usually associated with body tattooing. Pigments are implanted much deeper into the skin hence if a technician is using a much cheaper body tattoo machine with cheaper chemical pigments then the result over time is the area turns blue or grey and is permanent like any other body tattoo. We have all heard horror stories of poorly done SPMU treatments with blue eyebrows in a “spock” shape.

When deciding where to have your SPMU treatments remember cheap is not best when applying procedures to your face that could last up to 5 years.

Permanent Eyebrows

Anyone who requires emphasis of the eyebrows will love this procedure and the time saved not having to pencil every day. If you have no brow hair, or sparse brows due to over plucking the difference balanced brows can make is amazing.

Permanent Eyeliner

Make the most of your eyes with permanent make up and micropigmentation. From subtle to dramatic, eyelash enhancement or eyeliner can dramatically define eyes, creating great looks that are long-lasting and always perfect.

Permanent Lip Liner and Full Lip Colour

For a truly subtle and beautiful cosmetic effect, permanent make up is an excellent way of enhancing the shape and colour of your lips. With skilled application, lips can look fuller and more shapely.

Permanent Make Up Consultations

Our permanent make up consultations take around 15 minutes. Consultations booked into a specific time slot require a booking fee which is deducted from the treatment cost. Informal free consultations are available however these are fitted in around our paying clients.

Top Up Treatments

All our treatments consist of the initial treatment and a top up treatment 14 – 28 days after. Lip Colour or Lip Blush may require two or three top up treatments which are also included in our initial fee, however, most people require just two treatments.

Increasingly clients are contacting up to top up and correct semi permanent make up treatments performed by others. This is possible however depending on the correction and time between treatments, more than one treatment may be required.

Insist on the best, insist on Candice Watson!

Semi Permanent MakeUp

Semi permanent makeup treatments are performed by Candice Watson in Dubai at the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery (LCAS) and are to the same standard as on Harley Street, London. A variety of looks are available and whatever look is chosen we pride ourselves in delivering a finished look that is the best possible.

Medical Micropigmentation

We are fully trained at Medical Micropigmentation and offer a complete range of services to hospitals and plastic surgeries. Please click the link for more details.

Beauty Training

Exclusive Beauty’s in-house trainers are fully qualified to train to international industry standards. Training is either included in beauty system purchase cost or as a standalone cost.

Tattoo Removal

Our tattoo removal process is one of the best on the market and a must-have if you have any unwanted tattoos or to remove or correct poorly performed SPMU treatments by others in the region.

For more details on semi permanent makeup and micropigmentation services please see Candice Watson’s new website – www.ExclusiveAesthetic.com.

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