Scar Removal and Scar Camouflage

What is Scar Camouflage?

by Candice Watson

Scar Camouflage uses Micropigmentation to implant pigments into the damaged area to reduce the appearance of a scar. Scar Camouflage micropigmentation is part of Exclusive Beauty’s Medical Micropigmentation treatments.

Scar Camouflage is a great solution to anyone who has a scar that is lighter than their existing and surrounding skin.

On occasions, Scar Camouflage can also be used for scars that are a darker colour than the surrounding skin but this must be done with great caution and several patch tests to ensure the colour does not turn darker.

Scar Camouflage should be performed when the scar area is smooth and not raised or indented as this could cause variants of colours in the scar when skin pigments are applied.

If the scar is raised or indented we would recommend that a course of MCA and Dry Needling is taken first to smooth the scar area out.

For more information on MCA and Dry Needling please click HERE.

The process

How we treat scars

Matching pigment to skin tone

Exclusive Beauty uses leading techniques and pigments for scar camouflage. We mix scar camouflage pigments bespoke for each skin type and colour using a specialised prescriptive method of mixing pigment to match skin tone.

Anyone wishing to have Scar Camouflage procedure MUST have a Skin Patch Test. A Skin Patch Test is performed at the initial consultation. At least 4 weeks must be allowed for after the skin patch test before commencing a course of treatments. A small patch test is necessary to test how the pigments react to the skin.

In order to determine the correct colour for your skin, we first analyse your natural skin colour, then mix at least 3 variants of pigment to match your skin tone in the scar area. At least 4 weeks healing is also required for the test areas to develop in order to get a realistic result of how the scar will look long term. Once the most suitable colour has been decided the scar camouflage treatment can then begin.

There is a charge for the Skin Patch Tests. Once results are known you can decide if you would like to proceed with the full course of treatments.

What you should know

Scar Camouflage patients also need to be aware that they should not have tanned skin when having the skin patch test or treatment as this can affect the prescriptive skin tone pigments.

When the tan fades the skin pigments will not leaving a noticeable difference in the treated scar area and the natural healthy skin.


Remember it is our goal to match the scar to the natural skin colour perfectly or as perfectly as possible.

Following the treatment, the reverse will also apply, the treated area will not tan so minimal sun exposure must be applied especially if the scarred area is in an obvious position.

For best results on scar camouflage and skin camouflage the area to be treated must be:

  • A minimum of 12 months old
  • Not noticeably raised or indented
  • Of smooth texture
  • Lighter than the surrounding skin

As a guide, a scar camouflage treatment will take between 1 and 3 sessions. On larger areas, this can increase. The time required also is dependent on the extent and type of scar tissue damage.

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Candice Watson

Candice Watson is an expert at Scar Camouflage and Medical Micropigmentation procedures. Candice worked and trained as a micropigmentation specialist for many years on the famed Harley Street, London. Candice Watson is the founding partner of Exclusive Beauty, the Harley Street Specialists to the Middle East.

Scar Camouflage & Skin Camouflage by Exclusive Beauty

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