25% Off Semi Permanent Make Up


Email offer only. Please fill out the contact form below to qualify for our 25% discount. Semi Permanent Make Up 25% off – January 2016.

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January Offer – 25% Off Semi Permanent Make Up

For the month of January we are discounting our Semi Permanent Make Up treatments by 25%.

To qualify for the 25% discount the CONTACT FORM must be filled out and submitted by 31st January 2016. A representative will then contact you either via email or phone to arrange an appointment time. All appointments are in Dubai. Please ensure you include your mobile number.

Can’t make an appointment in January? Submit the form in January and when we call confirm an appointment for February and the 25% discount will apply to your February appointment.

Applicable on the semi permanent make up treatments listed below:

  • Semi Permanent Eyelash Enhancement
  • Semi Permanent Eyebrow
  • Semi Permanent Eyeliner
  • Semi Permanent Lip Line
  • Semi Permanent Lip Blush
  • Semi Permanent Lip Colour

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25% discount semi permanent make up appointments are limited so please book early

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Exclusive Beauty, Experts in Semi Permanent Make Up and Medical Micropigmentation.

We will call or text 24 hours before the treatment time to confirm attendance.

Each semi permanent make up treatment purchased includes:

Eyebrows, Eyes, and Lip Line – 2 x 1 hour treatments (initial treatment + 1 top up)

Lip Blush and Full Lip Colour – up to 4 x 1 hour treatments (initial treatment + 1 – 3 top ups)

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Appointments are in 1 hour slots and available between 9am and 6pm (last appointment 5pm) Sunday to Thursday.

LCAS is closed Fridays and is open only one Saturday per month. Please book early if you want a Saturday appointment.

We will call you on your mobile 24 hours prior to your appointment to confirm your availability.

24 hour notice required for appointment cancellation. A cancellation charge may be applicable if cancelled less than 24 hours.

+971 4 375 2393 or +971 4 375 9764 to call LCAS
Press here for LCAS website

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Semi Permanent Make Up & Medical Micropigmentation Treatments

 by Exclusive Beauty, the Harley Street Specialist, Dubai UAE.